All we need to play an instrument is
our ears, our fingers and our heart. 

– Gregory Charles

Our Story

A heartfelt mission

In 2017, Gregory Charles paid homage to his late mother (she had sadly died of Alzheimer’s disease) by launching Gregory’s Academy, an online music education program. The initial intention was to help dozens of people learn to play the piano. This turned out to be a modest ambition, because since its inauguration, Gregory’s Academy has helped thousands of people to learn to play music using the intuitive and unique Gregory Charles method.

The Gregory’s Academy educational curriculum, the Gregory Piano System, is what drives this digital business.

Through the Academy, Gregory wanted to help people discover the benefits and delights of music, specifically through the piano and guitar. He also wanted to help his students to improve other aspects of their lives through music, for example, their state of mind, their personal health, their self-esteem and their memory. And all this would be achieved in the comfort of their own homes, using modern technology, and via a method that did not require students to be able to read music when they began.

Today, Gregory’s Academy has several thousand members playing piano or guitar. Its mission is to provide the very best online music programs and to share Gregory’s love of music and teaching through the unique Gregory Piano System method.

10 good reasons to take our online programs

Gregory Charles

Gregory’s multi-faceted career as musician, broadcaster, singer, songwriter and television star, has led him to a remarkable level of professionalism. With more than 4,000 concerts and 2.5 million tickets for shows sold, he has shared the stage with stars like Oscar Peterson, Oliver Jones, Diana Krall, Michael Bublé, Stevie Wonder, Sade, Michel Legrand, Josh Groban, Claude Nougaro, Charles Aznavour and Quebec’s very own megastar, Céline Dion. Over his career, Gregory has acquired unique assets that make him the perfect guide for your musical adventure.

Good teaching methods make for good students

Gregory’s mother was his first teacher. Innovative, rebellious, and convinced that reading and music theory should not get in the way of expression, his mom, an organist, taught him music through listening rather than reading. She initially eschewed scales, arpeggios and musical dictations and instead invented a note locator technique which she baptised the Gregory Piano System.

Gregory quickly learned to play what he heard, in all keys and styles. And because he didn’t have to bother with tedious exercises and repetitive formulas, Gregory fell head-over-heels in love with music.

Childhood, teaching and learning

From the age of 9, Gregory played Beethoven concertos, Rachmaninov preludes, and Romanian dances by Bartok, along with all the Beatles’ songs, the American Songbook’s greatest tunes and hits from the 60s and 70s. At 12, he played at Carnegie Hall in New York, and at 15, he played recitals in which he interpreted of live requests from the public, requests that included Mozart, Elton John, Michael Jackson, Genesis, Jacques Brel, Madonna and many more.

Throughout his career, he has also taught music to choirs, student groups, adults, and children. He teaches piano, guitar, singing, and the violin. From theory to practice, from home concerts to live concerts, he is famous for bringing his students to high levels of performance

Forty years on after having acquired an incredible degree of experience, Gregory still loves sharing his love of music. With this online platform, young and old can use his unique, intuitive method to learn at their own pace, and take advantage of his precious advice.


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