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This program is intended for music lovers who have already played the piano in their youth or or recent past. The course is also intended for students who have completed the Piano de Novo program.


By the end of this program, you will have learned to:
– Position yourself in relation to your piano;
– Familiarize yourself with your instrument;
– Play melodies with the independence of your hands;
– Know the primary chords and the power chords;
– Understand the tones according to the G.P.S system;
– Play binary and ternary rhythms;
– Play in major mode and in minor mode;
– Play 6 beautiful pieces, including 10 variations of the same piece.


  • 240 online video capsules

  • 10 minutes per lesson

  • 6 musical pieces to learn

  • 10 variations

  • Bonus capsules


    Ask Gregory your questions directly.


    Join Gregory on stage for a concert.


    18 months additional access to content.

Apprendre le piano en ligne Adulte

Program objectives

  • Learn to position yourself properly, to understand the instrument, the notes, and the pedals
  • Work on both hands’ finger independence through playing easy melodies
  • Work on hand independence through playing simple rhythms
  • Understand simple rhythms
  • Introduction to the G.P.S. method : geolocation of notes
  • Learn to play arpeggios
  • Work on major and minor keys
  • Work on binary and ternary rhythms

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