Piano 3 - Académie Gregory - Cours en ligne


This program is intended for students who have completed the Piano 1 and Piano 2 programs and / or for those who have already played the piano or another instrument and are looking to understand music differently and play more spontaneously.


By the end of this course, you will have learned to:
– Optimize the independence of your two hands;
– Improve the accompanying skills of the left hand;
– Create less linear right-hand melodies (ascending and descending);
– Transmit emotions while playing;
– Use nuances and variances of tempo.

  • 240 online video capsules

  • 10 minutes per lesson

  • 5 musical pieces to learn

  • Bonus capsules


    Ask your questions directly to Gregory during the weekly online group meetings.


    Join Gregory on stage for a concert (as soon as it is possible).


    The 240 lessons of the program are broadcast 6 days out of 7 for 10 months.


    An additional 18 months access to the course platform is offered free of charge.

Académie Greogry - cours de piano en ligne

Program objectives

  • Learn to master complex arpeggios
  • Learn to master complex chords
  • Learn to play more complex melodies
  • Integrate major and minor scales
  • Integrate regular and syncopated rhythms

Payment options

2 payments of


each, over 10 months

+ tax

8 payments of


each, over 10 months

+ tax

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