Apprendre le piano, ado

Discover our LIVE program

In its LIVE program, Gregory’s Academy offers various synchronous group courses for adults and kids that you can follow online and live with your teacher Gregory Charles, in the comfort of your home and according to set schedule, on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning and at precise time.

Synchronous courses offer online piano learning, based on live virtual meetings with Gregory Charles lasting 30 minutes each, Tuesday and Thursday mornings, over a period of 4 weeks. These live virtual meetings, incorporating Piano midi technology, offer step-by-step learning of a musical piece specially composed for the students by Gregory Charles. These synchronous courses are easy to follow on your tablet, computer or phone: all you have to do is access the meeting via the link made available in the teaching platform, let yourself be guided by the teacher and ask your questions to receive live clarifications!

In addition,student communities allow interaction with other students in the same course and thus enrich everyone’s overall experience. As well, a missed course can also be catch up later until the end of access to your course.

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